Workflow: Find the SDRS Pod for a datastore name, and Refresh Recommendations

Summary/Use Cases:

This workflow can be used as part of a self healing solution to ensure SDRS runs whenever you get a datastore alarm. (see Self Healing Datacenter). This ensures SDRS immediately runs and can balance the storage in the cluster.


  • Datastore Name: Type = String

Outputs: None

The Workflow:


How it works:

  1. Takes the Datastore string passed to it and then searches vCenter for a Datastore Object matching the stringtext. This is stored as type VC:Datastore.
  2. Looks through all of the SDRS PODs declared in your general attributes to see if any of them contain the Datastore object found in step 1.
  3. If there is a match, it stores this as the variable “podToRunSDRSOn”, and stops searching.
  4. Run’s refresh recommendations on the pod “podToRunSDRSOn”.

 The Code:

Only 1 scriptable task has been used above, and i’m considering making it an action item if I don’t expand on the workflow further.

//Search vCenter for a Datastore matching the name

var dataStoreObject = System.getModule 
dataStore = dataStoreObject[0];
System.log("Datastore Object Found is " + dataStore);
//Now we have the datastore in question, we need to find out which SDRS POD the Datastore 
is a member of.

//Checking the array of pods
for (var i in podsArray)
 System.log("Checking POD: " + i + "in podsArray. The current POD is" + podsArray 

 //Grab the child entitys of the pod and put them in the arrayCheckDatastore

checkDatastore = podsArray[i].childEntity;

//Now check each datastore against the original one we found to verify the 
objects are the same

for (var t in checkDatastore) 
 System.log ("Datastore at object " + t + "is : " + 
 if (checkDatastore[t] == dataStore) 
 System.log("Datastore Match. The pod we need to 
run SDRS on is " + podsArray[i]);
 podToRunSDRSOn = podsArray[i];
 System.log("There was no match...we could not 
find an SDRS POD");
System.log("CHECKING COMPLETE: Pod to run SDRS on is : " + podToRunSDRSOn);


if (podToRunSDRSOn != null)
var m = podToRunSDRSOn.vimHost.storageResourceManager;
task = m.refreshStorageDrsRecommendation(podToRunSDRSOn);


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