v-Nick.com is now Systemsgame.com!

As anyone who follows my blog knows, it goes in bursts. I spend a ton of time working with clients on all things Cloud and Automation, but never have enough time to blog about it or get the info out there. Hopefully now that is about to change, and a new name makes all that happen right….right???

Why Systems Game?

I decided my little pun on NIC and my name has come to an end, and most of all I felt like a nice fresh coat of paint was in order. I wanted to think of something that really encompassed what I do on a daily basis. Automation, Orchestration, and Cloud are all related to systems, and well, since I absolutely love my job, and treat it as fun more than work, I figured it was more like a game.
The 2 came together and now we have Systemsgame.com

What’s coming?

I have a list of about 20+ posts to write at the moment around all my work with vRealize Automation, UCS director, the Microsoft stack, vRealize Orchestrator. Starting early next week I will be publishing an awesome series I’ve been working on for some Tintri Storage Automation. Following that I will be publishing a lengthy series on Building a Cloud with vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator, combined with Puppet for Configuration Management.

Thanks for reading, and as always feedback is greatly appreciated!

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