Automating Rubrik with vRealize Orchestrator Part 1: Introduction


After seeing Rubrik be unveiled at VFD5 this year, a lot of us were very excited to get our hands on the gear. We were impressed by the simplicity and easy access to REST APIs which meant this was another product which deserves some VMware vRO Workflow attention.

Working with my colleague Eric Shanks, along with Chris Wahl at Rubrik, we decided to build a vRO workflow package to automate some of the key tasks. Thankfully our Backup specialist John Affatati already had an appliance racked in the Ahead lab and we were able to get up and running quickly!

Eric and I split the work up, and as such this is a co-blogger series. For information on where to get the workflows and how to get them up and running, you will find those posts here on Systems Game. For a deeper dive into how the REST calls were created, Eric is posting those on his blog at

So let’s begin!

For starters. Make sure you go over to FlowGrab and download our vRO workflow package we published. This contains all of the workflows/actions/configuration elements which will be discussed in the series. All of the code is provided Open Source and is freely available for you to modify.

The series, and workflows are broken down into the following posts:

  1. Introduction – This post
  2. vRO REST Configuration for Rubrik
  3. vRO Workflow: Authenticate with Rubrik
  4. vRO Workflow: Get Rubrik VM information
  5. vRO Workflow: Get Rubrik SLA Domain IDs
  6. vRO Workflow: Assign SLA Domain to Virtual Machine

Following the conclusion of Part 6, I will then show how you can integrate this into vRealize Automation (or any Cloud catalog), so that you can give your users a backup choice when they are requesting new virtual machines.


Enjoy, and as always please provide Eric and I as much feedback as possible.

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